Video and Film Production

Thirty five years of cinematography using 16-35 mm film, tape and digital formats edited with state of the art programs.
Over 1,200 productions for government, corporate, educational,
and non-profit organizations (local and national).
Now shooting with Black Magic 4K and 6K cameras plus DJI
4K drones utilizing the finest arsenal of production tools in the area.
Preferred vendor for The University of Missouri.
Over 80 awards for cinematography, editing, and creative
including Addy's, Telly's, Videomaker, and client industries.

Web Design

Twelve years in web design and social
media implementation using 21st
century advertising concepts with a
preeminence of personalized video content.

Social Media Marketing

Our exclusive approach uses video content as the base of social media marketing. We are changing the perception of a pyramid scheme.
The main level of the pyramid is video, followed
by a web site, then social media marketing 
(Facebook and YouTube as examples). Finally, specialty products like brochures and video brochures are additional options.


Live Streaming

Using Black Magic ATEM's we can live stream your event in high definition while recording the program for future use and to archive. Provide a wired ethernet connection and we take care of the rest.



Thom Baker has produced, shot 35 and 16mm film, videotaped, digitally recorded, written, edited and animated over 1,200 projects.  Work has been  commissioned by national and local clients including

government agencies, non-profits, corporations, educational, legal, and medical concerns. We challenge anyone in the Central Missouri Area to match his work and pricing.

Ashland, MO has been awarded a 4.5 million

dollar grant to build a workforce development

center. This video is being used to raise an additional 3 million dollars for equipment,

construction, fixtures, and furniture. Baker

Digital collaborated  with Jane Rutter from

The Steier Group. Baker Digital has produced

over a dozen videos with Jane.

Investing in Tomorrow's Workforce

Paul Jackson is considered one of the top

water colorist in the world. The Endeavor  Agency commissioned us to produce this video

about Paul and his painting of the Ha Ha Tonka

Mansion Ruins.

Endeavor Agency

Jack Smith former Group President of The Leo Burnett Agency, Chicago, and Advertising Hall of Fame Member and Thom Baker have a 20 plus year working relationship on too many films and videos to list. Here is a favorite done

for The Central Missouri Humane Society with an original song by Jack and starring pound hound Abby who now resides in the Baker Household.

Central MO Humane Society 

It was extremely hot when this video was shot. Thank goodness we had lots of cold root beer. This film is about Columbia's favorite drive-in, Mugs Up.

Mugs Up

Rocky and Mike Alden share their story about Rocky's heart issues during the birth of their son Jake. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending and we are fortunate to have the Aldens in our community.

American Heart Association

Thom Baker is an Eagle Scout and was happy to spend 7 days at the amazing Camp Hohn in Laurie, MO. This film is used to bring groups not only from Missouri but from all over

the country to utilize this waterfront facility.

Hohn Scout Camp

Product commercials should be cleaver. Baker

Digital has created, written, and produced more television spots then any independent company in the area.

Show Me Bar-B-Q Sauce

Because we did Gary Pinkel's first Mizzou commercial when he came to coach, we were able to use that footage shot on 16mm film and merge it with new 4K footage shot during his last year. 

Mizzou Football

This project was shot for a national production

in 4K video using Black Magic PC4K cameras.

Univ. of MO College of Engineering

Big Tree Medical is changing the face of affordable health care and Baker Digital shot and edited this image film.

Big Tree Medical

Baker Digital has produced commercial, informational videos, image videos and designed a web site for MHC.

Missouri Heart Center

Live streaming is a new offering from Baker Digital and we have worked with the Columbia Performing Arts Centre to live cast in high definition while recording the events for future use.

Columbia Performing Arts Centre

Baker Digital has shots and edited dozens of videos and films for private companies highlighting products and services.

Wren Industries