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Thom Baker began producing videos over thirty years ago. His first two clients were MBS Textbook and The Pasta Factory (both still in business). Starting with Betacam SP acquisition he soon moved to 16 and 35 mm film, and today shoots in 4K and 6K Black Magic cameras along with 4K DJI drones. He edits using Magix Vegas Video and DaVinci Resolve along with a full array of Adobe products and other 3rd party programs. Early on he realized that being both the cinematographer and the editor had several advantages. As a cameraman he knew what the editor wanted and as an editor he knew what was "in the can". This proved to be a very effective time saving work flow. 


Thom Baker
Thom Baker

Thom didn't believe in farming out production work and he has always been the cameraman, editor, and special effects technician. Along with having a one to one relationship with his client, he was able to demonstrate that this system was not only more productive in the creative process but saved money for the client. The production arsenal owned by Baker Digital is unsurpassed in the area. Besides the before mentioned equipment, the company owns battery powered lighting kits, professional audio kits featuring wireless lavalier and shotgun microphones, a portable green screen, a jib arm, tilt head, several tripods, motorized sliders for camera movement and 4 camera live streaming systems. 

It was only natural that the company evolved into social media marketing, web design, and live streaming. Thom has worked for concerns small and large and treats all projects with the same zeal as he has a true love for the crafts that modern technology has allowed him to become a part.


Thom Baker
Thom Baker
Thom Baker

All hat, no cattle.

There is a lot of bravado in the video production community about their ability to create stunning works of art but can't back it up with actual work. With over 2,500 completed video and film productions, it's easy for Baker Digital to parade all the "cattle" you want to see.
Jack Smith and Thom Baker
Dept. of Health and Human Services
Landmark Bank
Girl in studio
American Heart Association
Power of Positive Coaching
Rocky Alden AHA
Yvonne Matthews - Lincoln University
Ashland Rankin
Bob the Music Man
Stage Performance
Sigma Kappa Mizzou
American Heart Association
Westminster University
Flags behind young man
Man and Woman smiling
Man with glasses
Man with hat
Men looking each other
Man wearing eye glasses
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