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10/11/2019  Sea Change in Advertising





For the past thirty years I have enjoyed, among other video and film work, producing television advertising. The University of Missouri, Mizzou Sports, Missouri Health Care, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, Socket Internet, Missouri Heart Center, MBS Textbook, Parentlink, Boone National Bank, Harper Evans Wade & Netemeyer, Law Firm of Holder, Susan, Slusher, Eng & Woods, The Missouri National Guard, The United States Department of Defense, Atkins Company, and Manor Roofing are just a few of the organizations that have commissioned my work.

I realized about five years ago that the future of marketing was not in television (or radio) advertising but internet based platforms. With that in mind, Baker Digital Marketing expanded into a full service agency that besides producing video for web based use (web pages and social media) began to design web sites, social media promotion and search engine optimization. Look what happened to television viewership. Years ago we had three major sources, NBC, CBS, and ABC. A thirty second ad on a television show could reach millions of potential clients. A small conversion number of a huge audience could be very effective. Today's entertainment choices have splintered in a cornucopia of options. The big three are now just three more options challenged by cable TV networks, Roku users, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other web based delivered entertainment.

It is easily observable that purchasing advertising on the major networks in your market area has a small chance of a market reach it once held and with ads playing in three and four minute wedges, up to about twenty minutes an hour, your message gets lost in the muck. Add to that another devastating factor, time shifting. I have always been a Kansas City Chiefs fan and when a game is on I record it using Tivo. I then start to watch the game a hour after it's start time and fast forward through the commercials (the fast forward button even lets me move forward thirty seconds at a click). I finish the game in two hours cutting out an hour of commercials so as a potential customer I am a ghost. This faction of time shifting viewers is growing daily.

The segmentation of advertising avenues is causing a true sea change. Advertising is moving away from the antiquated norms and becoming more refined as potential customers are using the internet to find products and services. Google and other search engines, YouTube, and social media posts allow the prospective client to research their needs. For example, you need a plumber. More than likely, in our digital world today, you are not going to hire someone because you saw or heard a thirty second ad. Chances are you are going to use a search engine, check social media reviews, look at different websites for providers, and read and watch videos to get a feel of the business. It is a fact that using video to entice your customers (image videos, how to videos, testimonials, owner's message) is more effective than the written word. In fact, by the year 2022 it is projected that over 80% of websites will be using well produced professionally created video ( not you on your smartphone).

How do you and your family find a service or product? Use those thought processes when you are making an advertising plan for your business. Your advertising will be seen by clients with a higher potential of conversion. The days of hit and miss are coming to an end and it is never to early to nudge your position. I have many clients that have found the advantage of video production, social media, and SEO to improve their potential reach. (FCS Finance, Landmark Bank, Harper Evans Wade & Netemeyer, Show Me Shortline, The Humane Society of Central Missouri, Tigers on the Prowl, The Boo Radley Foundation, Boy Scouts of America, IMG College Marketing, Patrick Lee Productions, Real Estate in the Heartland, Missouri Heart Society, University of Missouri, Mizzou Sports, The Diocese of Jefferson City, Disciples of Christ, City of Columbia, Westinghouse, Skil Bosch, American Tool, Politically Incorrect 2020 and on and on.)

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7/3/2019  Cover boy.


4/14/2019 What a great organization. I'm glad to be  involved with this cause.

4/10/2019  I am so happy to add The Boo Radley Foundation out of Fairfax, Virginia to my client list. The moment I first spoke with foundation president  Ken Johnson, I knew that I had met a kindred soul. The foundation's slogan is, "Helping man and man's best friend". The foundation supports cancer research in canines which has a pass through effect on human cancer research. The foundation also helps individuals with canine cancer issues. Check out the newly designed website at: and be sure to like the Facebook page:

2-25-19 "The Handshake of Death" - Jack Smith, former Group President of the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, Advertising Hall of Fame Member, and longtime Baker Digital collaborator, once expressed his opinion that the most overused image in television advertising is the handshake. "If your team is using a handshake to express trust, either you are surrounded by laziness or a complete lack of creativity. I would say it would be time for a shakeup".

1-14-19 Have you got your new phone book ad ready? Of course not. That would be a total waste of money. The digital age demands that you advertise in a totally new way. If you are still using television and radio ads, they should focus on one thing, driving traffic to your website. Your website is the key to success and a successful website needs to be dynamic. A dynamic website needs interaction with the potential client or customer and studies have shown that the most important element is a well done video, not done on your phone, with poor lighting and terrible audio, but by a professional that has years of experience in creating an edit that is both visually and mentally stimulating. That would be us, Baker Digital, with over 30 years of high quality film and video production in television ads, corporate and non-profit work.

I1-10-19 After spending almost two years taking 4K footage of Columbia, MO and surrounding areas

Columbia - The Legacy Project ( is in the script writing stage.

5-30-2018 - A successful business needs traffic. Twenty years ago that meant a good location, maybe a spot at the mall or on a  busy road. Since the  inception of the web the word traffic has taken on a digital meaning. The importance of traffic to your website cannot be overstated and adding information on a regular basis is a must not only in having potential clients return to your site but is reflected on search engines which improves your ranking. A higher ranking means more visits. It's no longer, "location, location, location", but it is now, "content, content, content", and adding videos that highlight products, services, and customer satisfaction is a highly effective way to increase your digital footprint.

5-31-2018 -  The price of video production gear has changed dramatically over the last thirty years. Television news reporters shot on film before 1971 . It was hard to make a deadline when the footage  had to be developed and most 16mm film camera used 1200 feet loads, which translate to about 12 minutes of footage at 24 frames per second. If you needed synced sound with the footage that was another process as most film cameras did not have sound recording. The first big change was the invention of  Sony's U-Matic released in 1971 which is known as 3/4 inch. This format used a 3/4 inch tape housed in a cassette. It revolutionized news coverage as it recorded sound and was air ready. Many local commercials were also shot on 3/4 inch which in no way compared to the quality of film. In 1982 Sony released BetaCam and in 1986 BetaCam SP. This was a big improvement in quality but still very far from film. Don't get BetaCam confused with the consumer format Betamax, different animal except for cassette size.  Before I started shooting film with a 16 mm Arriflex  ( bought it used for $22,000). I shot on BetacamSP. I had a prosumer Sony deck but bought the much higher quality PVW series.

In the late 80's this deck cost about $16,000! My Betacam Sp cameras (I had two) were over $20,000 each.  Can you imagine that? With $5,000 dollars today you could start your own production company and that's why there are over 25 area companies claiming to be  video producers. It doesn't mean they are good. It doesn't mean they are bad, but the odds are good that most of these companies won't be around for the long haul. If you have money to invest, I suggest a Mexican restaurant. I know we don't have an over saturation of those in Columbia!


11-19-2018 - It is a pleasure to add to our client list The Boo Radley Foundation out of Washington DC. The foundation funds cancer research for man and man's best friend. 

6-15-2018 - I had a great meeting yesterday with Erica Pefferman , President of the Columbia Marketing Group. The magazines they publish are first class and the images used by their advertisers are beautifully shot and lit. My thought I shared with Erica was that it was sad that no such love is shown for most locally produced television commercials or productions for web usage.  Scenes can take a lot of time to light properly but with the right lighting kits a good videographer can  beautifully light a individual in a short time but few seem to have the desire to learn the craft or invest in the kits. Having great cameras is certainly necessary  but I see very little effort in lighting people or scenes locally. I learned a long time ago when I was shooting on film that about 40% percent of image quality comes from the lighting and with the new 4K cameras bad lighting sticks out like a sore thumb.




6-18-2018 - Bob Dylan said it best many years ago, "The times they are a'changing." Nowhere is this more true than advertising in today's market.  It wasn't that many years ago that a client spent a lot of money to have their advertisement in the phone book. When was the last time you picked up a phone book for any reason? It is no longer the fastest and most productive way to glean information. For the advertiser, digital marketing has several advantages over traditional marketing (like television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, and my choice as the least effective way of advertising, direct mailers).

Here is a list of 10 advantages using digital marketing:

1.  low cost

2.  high return on investment

3.  easy to measure

4. easy to adjust

5.  brand development

6.  easy to share

7.  precise targeting

8.  global

9.  (or) segmentation

10. greater engagement


Once your business embraces  these changes and adjusts advertising spending priorities, profits will rise, advertising dollars will be spent more effectively, and the business will have a better understanding of their overall marketing strategy.





6-26-2018 - I am getting ready for my third trip to the Boy Scout Reservation in Laurie, MO and as I began repacking I was struck by the gear I mostly relied upon. Because I was in a "run and gun" situation I had to be ready at a moments notice to record. Instead of using the Blackmagic Ursa or Ursa Mini I had set up my Panasonic Lumix 100 on a three axis gimbel. The gimbel keeps the camera steady and shots with smooth movement and becomes the norm instead of jerking video shot from a shoulder mounted camera. The small waterproof Go Pro was another tool that came in very handy as I was able to record above and below the waterline during scuba training. It doesn't even have to go in a special casing and the footage is fantastic.  The DJI Mavic drone was also a  great tool for video acquisition. Too many shooters consider the drone only useful from high altitudes. The drone comes in handy at shooting moving shots at heights as low a ten feet such as a building or moving vehicle. With all this being said they is still no substitute for good audio recording and proper use of lighting and I always use the Ursas for interviews.



7-3-2018 - I will be returning to the Boy Scout Reservation in Laurie, MO at least three more times to acquire all the great activities that these happy campers get to participate in. Here's some footage from my third trip.




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