Baker Digital provides a full-service video solution with a complete arsenal of video gear including Blackmagic 4K cameras, assorted lenses, DJI 4K drones,indoor and outdoor lighting kits,shotgun/ lavalier microphones, and camera sliders/gimbals for movement stabilization. The editing suite boasts a lightning fast custom Intel Corei7 computer with a wide array of support programs like Sound Forge,Magic Bullet,DaVinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects.






Although not the main focus of the business, Baker Digital excels on web design and can bring your vision to fruition. Baker Digital can do sites at a fraction of the price of dedicated web design companies.




















Video Services

If you need a single cameraman or a crew to acquire footage, aerial or on terra firma, Baker Digital can supply the people and support equipment. If you already have the footage,  Baker Digital can edit your production.


Other Services

Baker Digital offers complete marketing services including creative, original jingles, ad placement, and web optimization.

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