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Video Services

Baker Digital Marketing: Video Services

Video and Film Production is at the heart of Baker Digital Marketing. With thirty-five years of cinematography using film, tape, and digital formats Baker Digital Marketing has the experience you need in professional video services.

We offer shoots using the Black Magic 4K and 6K cameras and 4K drones. Plus, you'll find editing services using Magix Vegas Video, DaVinci Resolve, and a full array of Adobe products, so you can rest assured you'll walk away with a completed project ready to upload.

Thom Baker is a cameraman, editor, and special effects technician. In addition to a full line of cameras for gorgeous cinematography, he has lighting kits, professional audio kits with wireless lavaliers, and shotgun microphones. Additionally, his equipment list includes:


  • Portable green screen

  • Jib arm

  • Tilt head

  • Tripods

  • Motorized sliders

  • Live streaming systems

If you're searching for video services for social media marketing, web design, or live streaming. Baker Digital Marketing has it all. Get in touch today to find out how we can help level up your video content.

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